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Feedback is important to strengthen the learning effect and increase the learning efficiency. When a learner answers a question incorrectly, the right answer is showed and there is an explanation why that is the correct answer. Read more about why feedback is important in principle 6

Feedback is showed whether the learner gives the right or the wrong answer. The difference between feedback for the right answer and feedback for the wrong answer is made clear with the color green or red of the feedback box. The feedback column is active by default.


Information in the Feedback:

Provide the correct answer and/or give a straight to the point explination on how the participant can come to the right answer from your feedback. Note that we recommend keeping it positive and focused on the question at hand. Keep it interesting by using case-videos, images, or pdfs in case there is a need for a theorectical explination (but keep it short).

Drillster does not allow the use of hyperlinks as this has some consequences that we would like to avoid. Experience shows that if participants can navigate in the feedback via a link to the LMS or other system, there is a good chance that they will not find their way back to the drill afterwards and therefore will not finish the drill. The user experience is then too cumbersome for the participants, resulting in many dropouts.

Another risk is that if participants are redirected via a link to a place where a lot of information can be found, here they do not find the exact information needed to understand the feedback on their incorrect answer. If participants will take the wrong information as feedback, which will lead to ineffective learning.


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