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Text Formatting

You can use different types of text formatting within both the story editor and the drill editor. Text formatting is beneficial to emphasize important concepts, or give practical information about a question. See below for some examples of using different types of text formatting. 

In the following example, the two actors in the question are listed using bulletpoints. This makes it clear that it concerns 2 people. Opsomming.jpg
Cursive to make a difference
In the following example, the question is italicized. Herewith make you have a clear difference between the question and the information surrounding it is given. Voorbeeld.jpg
Bold Feedback
If you answer the question from the previous example correctly, you will see the feedback. Emphasis here has been placed on the warning about covering the battery by making it bold.

Additional explanation of the question
The next question explains what the participant must do. Because this is practical information about the question itself, you want to make the distinction between the question and this information. You can do this by using a different text formatting for the practical information. to use. Voorbeeld_vraag.jpg
Text formatting in the story
You can also use the text formatting in the story. In the following An example, is the definition of inflation in between. By use text formatting for this, it can be used as important information be mentioned in a story, without the text on an annoying way to interrupt. mceclip0.jpg

You can use the following text formatting elements in the editor:

  • Bold
  • Cursive
  • Underline 
  • Superscript
  • Subscript
  • Placeholder

With the placeholder you can create a fill in the blank question. Would you like to know more about that type of question? Then click here

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