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Answer set

The standard answer set in a new drill are the known answer set (the question) and the unknown answer set (the answer). 

Known answer set
The known answer set contains the information that the participant already knows, here the question is asked. For example, this column would ask whether a word needs to be translated or not.
Unknown answer set
The unknown answer set contains the information the participant needs to learn. Here you fill in the answers or, for example, give the unknown translation of the word known to the participant.

A second unknown answer set can be useful for certain forms of learning. For example, you can put the Dutch word in the well-known answer set, in the first unknown answer set the Spanish translation and in the second unknown answer set the English translation of this word.

To create a new answer set, click on the plus sign next to answer (see image below). A new column can be created to add a new unknown answer set.


The answer set can be updated in the question setting:


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