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There are certain elements you have to think about when you are using media in a drill or a story. Read below what you need to think about.

Think about the use of media
It is important to think about how you offer your information in the drills and stories. In many cases it is useful to offer the information you want to convey both textually and visually or auditory. Because you offer the information in different ways, the participants can understand the material better.
Don't add media just to add media
However, it is also very important to keep in mind that you do not add media make a question. You can run the risk that the participants will remember the information you want to convey less well. This is because media that does not match the material to be learned can make the learner distracted, distinguishing between the two and is no longer processing the information to be learned.

Adding media should contribute something to your question. Especially in the case of speech or video, it is better to leave them out if a question can also be answered without these media forms being included. For an image, these rules are a bit less strict because it takes less effort for the participant to process an image than a video, but again: Make sure the image adds something to your question and it does not just distract your participant from important information. 

Also use media in the responses and feedback
Media does not only need to be used in the question, but can also be used as answer options and feedback. Think for example of videos that show different behaviors of an employee, where one of these behaviors is the right one. Also consider showing a set of rules in a PDF document in the feedback. When adding a PDF document, make sure that this document does not become too large. If you add an entire set of rules consisting of 30 pages, the participant will be strongly distracted from the material they are learning. Also, pay attention that a URL in a PDF does not work, the learner will not be able to click on this link in the mobile player. 
Using media in a story
Adding media to a story is not about information that the participant needs to learn, but the use of media reinforcing the story. You make the story to create context for your drills, you can read more about that here. Images or video can reinforce this. Consider, for example, the creation of an introductory video by the director or another relevant person for your course, or offering the rules and regulations in a PDF document as context information. 
Icons and covers
Icons and covers give a drill, story or course the look and feel that belongs to the subject or theme of the material to be practiced. It can also give the look and feel of your organization.

Please note!

Covers can only be uploaded through a premium account or with a school or business license.

Add media

Types of media you can add
The different media you can add to a drill or story are: 
  • Image
  • Video
  • Audio
  • PDF
  • Text to speech
  • GIF
Add media to a drill
Adding media to your question, answer or feedback you do by clicking on the paperclip that appears when you click on the text box.


Add media to a story
A story adds media before, between or after the text, by clicking on the landscape button on the side next to the text boxes: mceclip1.png
For images, all common file formats are used such as .png or jpg. The ideal dimensions for images are:
  • Icon: 512x512 (ratio 1:1)
  • Cover: 2560x1440 (ratio 16:9)
  • Images in a drill: 2560x1440 (ratio 16:9, max 16MB)  
  • Pictures in a story: 2560x1440 (ratio 16:9, max 16MB).

For a story: If the image is larger than the actual column size of the text, the width of the image is automatically adjusted to match the column width.

If the actual size of an image is smaller than the width of the text column, the image will be displayed smaller. Users can always click on the image to zoom.

By using an image with the right proportions, the image is clearly visible.

In a drill, the image does not adjust to the column width. If you want to prevent images from getting out of proportion, place, for example, a background behind it with the correct proportions on which the image is placed.

The maximum size of a video is 100 mb, for both the drills and the stories.

Icon and cover setting
  • Click the cogwheel in the upper right corner. 
  • Select the right icon and cover for the drill of story.

Course icons and covers can be adjusted by entering the course change mode in 'My content'. Here you can add or change an icon and a cover. 

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