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If you are creating a drill or story, it is useful to sometimes check what the end result will look like while making it. This allows you to check if the question settings are correct, but also if the text you have come up with for your story or your question will look good in the player.

The text you enter in the editor in the question, feedback or context, can sometimes seem very long. If you then preview the question, you can see if this also applies in the player and needs to be adjusted. It also often happens that while making a drill, you forget certain settings that you will encounter in the preview of your question. Always make sure that you preview a question, the whole drill, or story, before you let your participants take it. This prevents unnecessary mistakes.

Previewing the entire drill or story is very easy. Click in the editor on Preview, at the top of your screen. Here you can see what the drill or story looks like in the desktop version as well as in the mobile version. This way of previewing you first go to the overview page of the drill or story. Click on start to start the drill or story.

Within a drill you can preview individual questions. Click on the question you want to preview and then click on the play button in the answer column, see the image below. This will show the desktop version of this specific question.


Within a story you can preview pages. Click on the play button at the top of the page to preview the individual pages.

Besides previewing a question, a drill or a story, it is also a good idea to go through your content via 'My repertoire'. By doing this, you can experience how the learner goes through the content that you have created and you may find things that you won't find when you only use the preview modus.

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