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Creating a course

In order to offer the learning materials to participants in the best possible way, it is good to make sure that the participant is warmed up and that the motivation of the participant is maintained. To achieve this, it is good to add stories to the drills. This creates a strong introduction for the drills, bridges between the drills and a closure after the drills.

To ensure that the stories and drills are actually shown together, they need to be bundled in a course. In a course you can determine the order of your created stories and drills. How to create a course is explained below.

You need the appropriate permissions to create courses. Please contact the administrator of your organization to enquire about this.

Course creation

To create a course, follow these steps:

Click in ´My content´ on the '+' symbol and choose ´create new course...´ Drillster now shows a number of fields that need to be filled in:

  1. Name: Name of the course. This gives the exact description of the course again, such as Tough words.
  2. Subject: What the course is about. This indicates which subject the drill belongs to, like French.
  3. Description: A challenging description for the participant provides more commitment. This allows the participant to see what they can expect and challenges him to practice his knowledge on this subject.
  4. Icon: Add an icon that fits the subject or your organization and recognizable to the participants. Click here to find the ideal size of an icon.
  5. Cover: Add a cover that fits the subject or your organization and recognizable to the participants. Click here to find the ideal size of an icon.

Click ´Create´. The structure of the drill is now created and you can start entering the questions.

Stories and drills can only be added to a course if they are released. If you add the steps in a course, it will be automatically saved.

Adding drills and stories to a course can be done in 2 different ways.

By adjusting options for the drill or story
In ´My content´ you click on the three dots that come with your drill are next to the button 'editing'.
  • Choose here the option ´Add to Course...´ and select the right course.
  • You can select multiple drills and stories at the same time and then add them to a course. Please note that the order of your steps is correct.
Changing the course itself 
  1. Click 'Add step' at the bottom of the page.
  2. Then search for the name of the drill or story you want add.
  3. Click on 'Add'.
  4. For a second story or drill click again on 'Add Step'.

Once you have added the different steps to the course, you can use the order to adjust them by dragging them to the right place. Below you can see how that works. Stappen_slepen_cursus.gif

Have you created a course and would you like to make sure that participants get the information to keep the course up to date? Then make sure you link learning objectives to your course.


Did you do this and do you want to add or remove drills or stories from your course? Then first remove the learning objective.

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