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Access codes

Drillster offers a new way to grant participants access to drills or tests. Potential participants to a training can get access to the drills via an access code. When done, group administrators can monitor the proficiency and progress of all participants in the group.

The Join a Group function is an alternative way to provide participants access to drills and tests. The ability for group administrators to add users to a group remains available.

How does the Join a Group function work?

A participant can access a group by entering an access code. The group administrator generates the access code via the ‘Groups’ section in his Drillster account. There are two ways to distribute the access code:

  1. Via a permanent (long) code. This code is valid till the group administrator revokes the code. The group administrator can email this code to the potential participants of the training.
  2. Via a temporary (short) code. This code has a validity of 1 hour. The group administrator can distribute this shortcode to the participants of a classroom training.


With the 'Join the Group' function the group administrator does not need to have the name and email address of a potential user. The potential participant enters the access code via the 'home' page of his or her Drillster account.

Group administrators are responsible for the correct distribution of the access codes. Users that have accessed a group with the access code are invoiced in the same way as when the participant would have been added by the group administrator.

Access to a group via the Join a Group function results in getting access to the same functionalities as when the group administrator would have added the participant. The user gets access to the drills, tests, and learning objectives. The group administrator can monitor progress and proficiency or set learning objectives. The group administrator can also revoke the access of a user.

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