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Practice sets

‘Practice sets’ allow you to combine several drills of your choice into a personal practice set. You add drills of your choosing and the questions from multiple drills will alternate. The app will keep providing you with different questions from the drills that you’ve chosen. 

This means that you can intertwine your spelling drills with your grammar drills, and your Integrity drill with your Diversity drill, and so on. Does this make drilling harder? Yes, for sure. But the learning effect will be so much stronger. Challenge yourself and give it a go! Read further to find out how to create a set. 

Creating a practice set

To create a practice set, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the drawer menu (top left) and click on ‘Practice sets’. You will go to the screen where all your (future) practice sets will be shown.
    2. If you don’t have any practice sets yet, you can create one by clicking on ‘Create set' 
    3. If you have a practice set already, but you want to create another, click on ‘New practice set’
    4. When creating a set, you type in a name first. Thought of a cool name? Click on ‘Create'.
    5. If you want to delete a practice set, click on the trashcan icon.
Add drills to your practice sets
  1. When you’ve created a new practice set, this will be empty at first. Time to add some drills! 
  2. You will go to your library where you can choose what drills to add. 
  3. Press on ‘ + ’ that is shown next to drills, to add that drill to your set. Only drills - playables with the label ‘DRILL’ - can be added to practice sets. It is not possible to put entire courses or stories in there. 
  4. Are you done adding drills? Press the ‘ ← ’ on the top left to go back. You will return to that practice sets’ details. On this screen, you will see a list of all the drills you’ve added.
  5. For every drill within the set, there is a remove option: the trashcan icon. This will remove the item from the practice set.
  6. When you click ‘Start’, the player will open and you can practice all the items in the practice set. The questions from all your selected drills will alternate. Every question is a surprise!

You can also click ‘ + ’ on the top right. This will take you back to your library to add more drills. 

Adding drills from your library

There is another way for adding drills to your practice sets. You can do this from your library:

  1. In the Home screen of the app, click below on ‘Library’. Scroll down to the drill you would like to add.
  2. By long pressing (press and hold) the drill, a pop-up will open where you can click ‘+ Add to practice set’. Choose one (or more) of your practice sets, or create a new one on the spot.

Start practicing!

Now you know how to create practice sets. Let’s get started!

Simply go to your collection of practice sets and select the one that you want to do. Click ‘Start’. The Drillster algorithm will take care of the rest. Practicing your learning material this way contributes to the proficiency levels of the individual drills. 

Good luck!

Be aware

Practice sets are saved on your device. You can only view these practice sets on your mobile app and not on the web application. This also means that they will be removed when:

  1. You uninstall the app
  2. You clear all app data 

Removing practice sets has no impact on the proficiency of the drills.

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