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In the video below we show you the two different options of how you can login in the Drillster app. If you want to read the explanation, you can find it below the video.

You can login in the Drillster app in two different ways:

With your email address
Upon running the app for the first time, you are asked to enter your email address and password. Please enter the email address and Drillster password. This will give you access to your own repertoire.

If your organization has integrated Drillster in a learning portal, you will not yet have a password. If your Drillster user account has been created with your e-mail address, then click here to (re-)set your password.

Using a accesscode or QR-code

If your Drillster user account has been created with a code or an e-mail address that you cannot access or that does not exist, then you can access your Drillster account on the mobile apps in the following way:

  1. Open any content, course, drill, story or test in the learning portal of your organization. 
  2. Click on the option 'Drillster mobile app' to connect your account to the Drillster mobile app.APP-Connect to app.png
  3. Click on the link to generate the connection code.App-Get Code.png
  4. Download the Drillster app via the AppStore or Google Play. This is free of charge.
  5. If you open the app, click in the login screen on "log in with a connection code".
  6. You now see the login screen where you then enter the connection code.
  7. Your Drillster account is now connected to your mobile device. If you would like to connect the account to a second or third mobile device, you can do so by re-issuing a new connection code for each new mobile device.

The login procedure has to be done only once, each time you have logged into your mobile phone or tablet, you will be able to immediately access your drills. For iOS devices, there is an option under the general 'settings' of your iOS device where you can switch the option on or off to remain logged into your Drillster account.

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