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General settings

With the Drillster app you can easily practice your courses, drills or tests, so you can keep your knowledge up to date anytime, anywhere.

IOS and Android

The Drillster app is available for iOS and Android. So you can use the app on iPhone, iPad and all smartphones and tablets with Android as operating system. For iOS version 5 or higher is required and for Android version 2.2 or higher. Drillster has a native tablet version. The App can be downloaded for free in the App Store. and in Google Play.


You will receive a mobile notification for the following items:

  • Subscribe to a training course or course
  • To be unsubscribed for a training course or course.
  • A learning goal has been set for you.
  • A key is waiting for you.
  • Your learning goal hasn't been achieved yet or you're not on schedule yet.

Data from the Drillster app

Android and IOS require different data when installing the app. Read below which data is required from you per operating system.

These are default settings, when installing the app you can use indicate whether or not you want certain things, location and Bluetooth activate.

To allow users to remain logged in, access tokens are retained in secure storage.

For iOS, the installation only asks if there are any notifications may be shipped and whether the location may be used. The location is used for iBeacons. As a user you can deny this access. This means that iBeacons will not work with your app. Also notifications you can turn it off, because of this you may miss a learning objective message.

Settings in the app 

In the app you can edit these settings:

Preferred language
Here you can set your preferred language. You can set your preferred language here to the language your mobile device uses.

There are 13 languages available: Català, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Suomi, Français, Italiano, Norsk, Nederlands, Română, Srpski, and Svenska. 

You can view the Drillster app in dark mode. This will change your background color from white to black. 
This part is only suitable for IOS devices that require local authentication. is available. Allows you to set up your fingerprint scan or use facial recognition to log in.
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