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Publishing in a catalog means that you make drills available in a private environment in which participants can choose which drills they want to take. This is mainly used within educational institutions. In this way, learners can work ahead or work with extra information that is not mandatory.  If you still want to follow the progress of the participants, you need to add the drills in a group and link the participant to it.

Participants do not automatically have access to this content, they have to be invited. 


  1. First you would have to create a catalog, this is only possible with the right Permission'Publish to catalog' .Catalogs-_-Drillster.png
  2. To add a drill to catalog, open 'My content.' Add a drill via the 3 dots or select several drills and open 'Action' to click on Add to catalog...

    Add to catalog.png

  3. In the pop-up window search the catalog in which you want to add the drill:items to catalog.png

For users proficiency analysis link the complete catalog or selective drills to a group and link the users.

For more information, please contact support@drillster.com. 

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