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It is possible to work with multiple people on a drill or story and have multiple people make changes to it. To do this, co-authors must be assigned.

You can make everyone who has access to the 'My content' menu within Drillster a co-author. It is important that this content has already been released.

From the content itself
When you are in the drill or story you can easily add a co-author by clicking on the collaborate button in the top right and adding the email address or name of the already existing Drillster user:


From the 'My content' menu
When you click on 'My Content' in your main menu, the content of 'My Content' is displayed. For each individual drill/story you can choose to add someone by clicking on the three vertical dots by selecting the option 'collaborate':




Be sure to release the drill before sharing it with the co-authors to make sure everyone is working in the latest version.

Co-authorship can also be revoked when, for example, someone leaves the team. There are two ways to do this:

From the content itself
Go to the appropriate drill or story and click on the collaborate button in the top right corner. Then click on remove coauthor behind the corresponding name in the list to remove this person as co-author.


From the 'My content' menu
Go to the appropriate drill or story in the 'My content' menu and click on the three dots. Then select 'collaborate' and click on the trash can behind the name of the person who should be deleted as co-author:



It is possible to make someone a co-author of a course, but that does not automatically make them a co-author of the drills and stories that are in the course. If you want to have this, you will also have to make the person co-author of the drills and stories.

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