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Anonymous test

To set up an anonymous test, you need to first define a test.
After you have defined your test, you need to set it up as an anonymous test, as seen below:Managed-tests-_-Drillster__4_.png



Request a ticket

In order to do an anonymous test, a ticket is needed. A ticket is a unique code that is generated and made available to the Administrator upon request. The administrator can then pass this ticket to the end-user in the form of a URL to allow the user to access the test. The administrator retains the ticket number to check the status of the test and to retrieve the details after completion.

There are two ways to obtain a ticket for an anonymous test:

  1. Manually, through the Drillster website
  2. Automated, through the API

Tickets remain valid in principle, or until a test is removed. An end-user has a single opportunity to use the ticket. Once a test is completed, the ticket expires. Obviously, the ticket remains valid to the administrator as a reference to the test results.Content-ontwikkelen-Google-Drive.png

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